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Our drive through is the most convenient way to server you...quick and easy!


Dry cleaned and pressed clothing just feels right. When you put them on, it's as if a bit of extra confidence is instantly transferred to you. Whether it's your favorite suit that seems to help you close more sales or that dress that makes you feel a little extra sexy that evening, dry cleaning is perfect for all your carefully cared for clothing.


Nothing beats a crisp, freshly pressed dress shirt. At Davis Cleaners, we use state-of-the-art equipment to finish and clean your shirts. Your shirts will be washed, pressed, and finished with a fresh look. Platinum detergent provides better whitening power, brighter colored shirts, cleaner collars and enhanced stain removal.  Every shirt is checked for stains, collar rings, and wrinkles.


Overwhelmed with the never ending cycle of clothes that never seem to stop piling up? Take a load off. Take a pile or two, throw them in a bag, and drop them off with us. What could you do with all that extra time?  Our professional laundry service will spoil you and ensure your family looks its best without all the extra effort.


Put on a few extra pounds? Lose a few pounds? New shirt you loved at the store, just doesn't hug your body as you hoped? Family member pass down a sentimental article of clothing that you would love to be able to wear? No matter the situation, we are here to help. Bring it by and let us take a look, we are fully equipped and happy to help.


Bridal gown cleaning is also one of our expert services. A bride’s wedding gown is more than just a beautiful piece of garment; it is a memory of a lifetime. This is why Davis Cleaners takes extra care in preparing, cleaning, and preserving your precious wedding gown. Our fabric care specialists inspect each dress individually to find out which best cleaning and/ or stain removal methods to apply on your dress.


Leather and suede are both beautiful yet expensive types of fabric. Thus, proper care and cleaning is essential to maintain them. We recommend annual cleaning of your leather or suede or immediately as a stain occurs. We can assure you that you can get to extend enjoying your leather and suede garments with our gentle yet effective cleaning methods. 

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